Today’s economy has indeed developed, but the price of the fuel is still high and there might always be the possibility to reach the end of the available deposits of gasoline all across the world. It doesn’t mean that it will happen in the next years, but at one point in the future, there won’t be any gasoline or oil to be extracted from the earth.

orange-semi-coverThis being said, everyone needs to think about reducing the use of fuel as much as possible. It doesn’t mean that you have to stop using the car that you own or the one that you work with, but this simply means that you have to be careful about reducing the use of fuel with your car as much as possible.

It’s important to be economical about the fuel you use for your car, no matter if you drive a sedan, a truck or a semi truck, because this will help you reduce the cost of the fuel but it might also make a difference in the climate changes that threaten our entire planet.

Let’s see some fuel saving tips for semi trucks, as these are some of the biggest vehicles that are used on the roads, also having some of the biggest gas tanks.

1345059823787663635semi-front-hiBe Careful at the Gas Station

If you’re not on the roads, make sure you use a gas station that you know its schedule. Try to fill up the tank early in the morning, when there’s no rush at all. When you use the gas pump, use a low setting to avoid the increase of the vapors. With a high speed, the pump will produce more vapors, reducing the quantity of gas that goes into the tank.

Apart from this, don’t let the red light blink on the dashboard – fill the tank when the tank is at between one third and half full with gas, as this will improve the fuel mileage.

Another thing that you have to be careful about is to avoid filling the tank right after the gas tanks at the gas station have been replenished. When this happens, everything that was on the bottom of the ground tanks will definitely rise to the surface of the tank, and this might cut down the fuel efficiency.

Know the Vehicle

Every vehicle uses a different type of gas, some use petrol while others use diesel fuel, so be careful what gas pump you use. Apart from this, you also need to take care of the general state of the vehicle, no matter if what you’re using is a truck or a sedan. For the trucks, it’s even more important, because they are usually used for covering big distances loaded with different items.

Keeping your truck or semi truck in a perfect functioning condition also means that you have to take care of the oil that is used for the engine, you need to tune the engine and check it regularly, and the tires also need to be in a good condition.

Be Responsible In Traffic

white-truckIt’s a known fact that those who drive aggressively are also spending more money on gas than the rest of the drivers. If you stick with the speed limits that are posted on the roads and if you avoid any idling, it’s a good chance that you will reduce the usage of fuel.

Apart from this, make sure you avoid the rush hour as much as possible or choose roads that are not blocked by accidents or anything, especially when you have to deliver a cargo or something important with your truck.

Something else that will definitely reduce the fuel use is if you turn off the air conditioning every once in a while, especially if you drive with your windows open. The AC won’t only influence the fuel consumption, but it can also influence the power that the engine develops.

Specially for the Semi Truck Drivers

When you drive a truck or a semi truck, you know how important it is for the vehicle to be in a good condition. There is more to it than simply checking everything to be in a good order, because you use the vehicle to transport large quantities of different items. Because of this, the road or the traffic is not the only ones that are important for determining the usage of fuel.

The truck needs to be with an updated PTI to make sure you can use it safely on public roads, and check if frequently for any possible problem. Apart from this, make sure that you have a regular maintenance for your truck, as this will surely improve the fuel economy.

Something else that can influence the usage of fuel is the engine speed, and no matter how powerful your truck or semi truck is, make sure you use it within the speed limits that are set for the road you drive on but also for the type of truck or semi truck that you use.