The Primary Bnefits Of Using HP2000 APU On Your Truck

The HP2000 APU has in the recent past become of the most popular semi truck APUs. This is attributed to its high quality features that makes it superior when compared with other APUs in the same category. Here are some of the primary benefits of using the HP2000 APU on a semi truck.

One of the primary benefits is that it is very efficient and effective. The heat pump system of this APU provides 20,000 BTU cooling and 20,000 BTU heating. It also provides a 12 Volt DC, a standard 65 amp charging power or optional 150 amp for the truck’s battery. All this is provided while consuming just 0.11 gallons of fuel per hour under a full load. This allows the driver to turn off the main engine of the truck while parked therefore reducing emissions and increasing fuel efficiency.

Another primary benefit why the HP2000 is an ideal APU for a semi is that despite being strong, it is very quite. This is made possible by having an apu with an electric start and a patented heat pump system. This allows the APU to run quite where it runs at less than 69Db consequently facilitating smooth run and relatively low maintenance.

The HP2000 APU is easy to install on a semi truck therefore making it more convenient to use. This is facilitated by that it comes with a unique plug and play cabling system that makes installation simple. The ducting system and the in-cab condenser can easily be integrated with the existing ducting system of the truck therefore making installation even simpler. In fact, it takes less than six hours to effectively install this APU therefore making it suitable for truck owners who are usually very busy and do not need their trucks to remain idle for a long time. These benefits and others associated with this truck APU make the HP2000 a superior APU ideal for a semi truck.